I am currently interested in the model theory of valued fields.


On the Pila-Wilkie theorem. [pdf, arXiv]
with Lou van den Dries.
The additive groups of ℤ and ℚ with predicates for being square-free. [pdf, arXiv, DOI]
with Minh Chieu Tran, Journal of Symbolic Logic, vol. 85 (2020).
View one of our structures in the model theory universe.


Fields Institute, University of Toronto,
Geometry and Model Theory Seminar, Nov 2020.
MSRI, University of California at Berkeley,
DDC: Diophantine Problems, Oct 2020.
AMS sectional meeting, Purdue University,
Model Theory Special session, Apr 2020. (cancelled due to COVID-19)
Indraprastha Institute of Information Technology,
Mathematics Seminar, May 2019.