Neer Bhardwaj


Ph.D. candidate, Mathematics
University of Illinois,

nbhard4 [at]

About me

I am part of the Logic group at UIUC, and my advisor is Lou van den Dries.
My research interests lie primarily in model theory and its applications.

Before coming over to Illinois in 2015, I received my undergraduate education at the Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur .


I am focusing on exploring certain consequences of the Pila-Wilkie theorem and its generalizations.

More precisely, my work is centered around investigating applications of the Pila-Zannier strategy. In the past decade or so, this strategy has been employed to attack several problems in diophantine geometry, not least the André-Oort Conjecture.


The additive groups of ℤ and ℚ with predicates for being square-free,
(with Minh Chieu Tran ).

View one of the structures from the paper in the Model Theory Universe.


Current Teaching

Caluclus III, Fall 2019

Courses Taught

* On the list of Teachers ranked as Excellent.
** Ranked Excellent with Outstanding rating - (top 10% of instructors university-wide).


Research Team Leader, Illinois Geometry Lab

Fall 2019: Sensing and control across the Atlantic
Faculty Mentor: Richard Sowers

Spring 2019: Natural selection and the bystander effect
Faculty Mentor: Sara Clifton

TA Mentor, Department of Mathematics, UIUC